Interior and Exterior Painting Options

Bug Juice (highly recommended): is the only EPA-registered insecticidal paint additive on the market for both interior and exterior use including kitchens and pantries. It’s ideal for controlling infestation from insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, hornets, flies, silverfish and weevil. It’s is used in residential applications as well as commercial buildings like hotels, restaurants, convention centers and nursing homes.

Bug Juice does not repel insects, it is a contact pesticide. It begins to work after an insect makes contact with the treated surface. Bug Juice will not affect the color or drying time of the coating. It is recommended that you hose off the treated surface with water twice a year. This provides a clean surface for insects to land on. Bug Juice does not have an odor and will last up to 5-7 years. Cost: $225 average to treat entire home

Okon Paintbooster (recommended on all stucco or concrete applications): Creates a water repellent barrier that reduces premature paint failure, wood rot and mold growth by reducing water absorption. Ideal for exterior surfaces subject to moisture condensation—like stucco, window sills, outdoor furniture, garage doors, siding, fences and more— OKON PAINTBOOSTER contains a proprietary “water beading agent” that protects against water absorption and makes water bead like on a newly waxed car!

When added to any latex paint or stain, the water-based paint conditioner and water repellent additive improves flow and leveling and reduces brush, roller and lap marks—making paint easier to apply! It increases open time when painting in direct sunlight, making it great for jobs in hot temperatures. And, because of its high acrylic content, PAINTBOOSTER does not affect the color or reduce the coverage. Cost: $195 average for entire exterior.

Paint Fragrance: A product that comes in many different scents, including cashmere woods, tropical mist, lavender, clean linen, and vanilla, and helps combat tough odors while releasing a subtle fragrance of up to 12 months. Fragrance additives are helpful in providing customers with a fresh and clean feel to painted areas, especially in musty basements or on jobs that involve high traffic or turnover, or where previously occupied by smokers or pets. Cost: typical room 10x20 $25

Paint Plus Solar Reflective Paint Additive: Paint Plus Solar Reflective Paint Additive is an innovative way to turn any exterior paint into a solar reflective coating. Ideal for use in any exterior latex or oil based paint or primer. Can be applied to painted or bare wood, composite or vinyl siding, stucco or hardy. Saves up to 20% in cooling costs.

Zorbx: Zorbx odor remover paint additive extracts and removes odors by penetrating deep into surfaces such as: walls, wood, baseboards, subfloors, concrete, drywall, ceilings, and many other paintable surfaces. This additive is unscented and not a cover up. It will completely and instantly remove odors without an odor of its own. Removes surface odors caused by: cigarette smoke, dog and cat urine, fire and water damage. This product is hypoallergenic and will not harm those with asthma or allergies.

Odor - X: Odor-X is a liquid additive that has been specially formulated to help wipe out unpleasant odors. It can be used in paints, thinners, strippers, and epoxies. Odor-X is made in the USA.

Specialized formula blends with the paint to wipe out unpleasant odors produced by most paints, thinners, strippers and epoxies. Ideal for use in hospitals, homes, restaurants, hotels and a variety of other areas where the smell of paint may be offensive. Can be used for interior and exterior applications

Odor-X will not affect the color or drying time of the coating it is added to.

Mildewcide: Stay Clean I/E is a mildewcide paint additive designed to inhibit mold & mildew growth on interior and exterior surfaces. It can be applied on most interior and exterior surfaces, including bathrooms, kitchens, decks and pantries.

This does not kill mildew. It is a mildewcide additive that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on surfaces. One of the only things that kills mildew is bleach, but mildewcide helps keep the mildew away after it is eliminated.

Stay-Clean I/E will not affect the color or drying time of the coating. It can even be added to a clear coating. It is recommended that you remove all existing mold & mildew before painting, and be sure that the area to be painted is clean and dry.

If you are worried about mold and mildew under floors, behind walls, in the ventilation, or in other unseen areas, you should contact a professional who specializes in mold and mildew remediation. Stay-Clean I/E can be added to any oil or latex based paint, stain, or sealant. It can even be mixed with wallpaper adhesive. Stay-Clean I/E does not have an odor or harmful fumes. It will last for 3-5 years depending on conditions.

Gutter Cleaning: Majority of gutters we see while painting are clogged and not functioning properly. Gutters get full of dirt, leaves, roofing sand, and debris. If left un-checked, the gutters can get heavy and begin to pull away from the roof and become damaged. Take a look at your gutters now. Damaged gutters can cost hundreds to repair. Over flowing gutters will cause dry rot to fascia and soffits. Seba Painting and Construction will clean all gutters and down spouts during the power washing process and re-screw or reset loose gutter pins or hangers. Cost: $125

Window Cleaning: During the power washing process, windows get wet and may become spotted. This is unavoidable and Seba Painting and Construction can clean the exterior side of your windows and window screens. We also have a window cleaner that is highly recommended and available for scheduling once the painting process is complete. Cost of window cleaning $225