Seba Painting and Construction Exterior Painting Contractor, NJ

Exterior Residential & Commercial Painting

The exterior of your home or business is often the first impression a customer and guests will get about your company or home. It is not only important visually, but also very important structurally. A building is only as strong as its foundation. The same goes for the protection of the materials on the exterior of your building. We take great care in providing accurate estimates and identifying any concerns we have that may need to be addressed. We want our job to be done right the first time and last for many years to come. We will make sure you are aware of any repairs or board replacement and that may need to be done before painting.

A large majority of an exterior paint job is in the preparation. We take great care in making sure our detailed caulking, taping and cleaning is done correctly and thoroughly. Our crew also has the skills to make any necessary repairs or replacement of siding and boards around the building. Not only will your building look perfect and beautiful, but it will be structurally sound. From large businesses to homes, our crew will get the job done, and get it done right!

  • Power Wash
  • Scraping, Flanking and Priming
  • Caulking around Trim, Doors and Windows
  • Repair and Replace Siding and Trim
  • Roof, Vents and Metal Painting
  • Color Consultation
  • All Structures: Fences, Decks etc.
  • Clean Up and Walk Through

The Seba Exterior Painting Process

Wash: We begin by power washing your house or structure with a high pressure power washer. We also use a power washer if paint stripping is necessary.

Prep: Seba Painting and Construction will then wait one to two days for the house to dry depending on weather. We do all scraping and sanding of flaking, chipping, or peeling paint (on small areas) then prime all bare wood surfaces. Scraping and sanding an entire house will be an extra charge. Blistering siding will be brushed and back rolled at this time to help seal and hide for final coat appearance. Back rolling is not done at time of spray application to ensure proper texture of applied paint. Not all blistering will be completely concealed upon completion.

Seba Painting and Construction then caulks the entire house at this time. We use a 45-55 year caulk and seal all soffit vents, vinyl windows, re-caulk bronze windows if necessary, caulk the backs of highly visible lower fascia and soffit, and caulk all corner boards, door jambs, cracks and any other places to make the final paint job look clean and neat.

Paint: After the house has had the proper time to dry, we will begin painting your home. Seba Painting and Construction applies all paints according to manufacture specifications to insure proper warranty. Proper warranty includes applying the paint at a proper mil thickness wet or dry. Two coats will not add to or take away from the warranty. We apply all paint in a two coat process to thickness specifications. If necessary we add more coats for coverage or hiding at our discretion.

All trim, window trim, corner boards, side batting, fascia, and door jambs are brushed and rolled with two coats of paint. Gutters are primed and painted using an airless sprayer and fine finish tip. The body of your structure is painted using an airless sprayer and applying the paint at the proper thickness and overlapping by 50% one time to insure coverage and warranty. All primed and blistered areas are back rolled prior to spraying giving them 3 layers of paint.

Clean: Seba Painting and Construction will try to leave the job site cleaner then when we arrived. This includes picking up all trash, cleaning all walk ways, drive ways, porches, etc.

Touch up Kit: A touch up kit that includes a pint of each paint or product used is left in a labeled box for your convenience (when available). Each sample is labeled with the color name or number, type of product, sheen, and where it is located on the job.

Invoice: Upon completion, Seba Painting and Construction mails or emails an invoice the day the job is complete along with a customer suggestion form for your convenience and satisfaction. We encourage all customers to send the suggestion form in whether positive or negative to help improve customer service.

Exterior Painting Information

  • Scraping and sanding all affected areas with mechanical devices. Priming all bare wood areas. Primers consist of Zinsser Peel Stop, or an alkyd wood under coater.
  • Most nails penetrating siding surfaces will be spot filled with caulking to prevent water penetration.
  • All siding, trim, or other moldings that are loose will be re-nailed where possible or reasonable.
  • Paint gutters (if in estimate) same color as fascia unless customer specifies other wise and/or gutters are high gloss and not paintable. Soffits painted same color as siding unless specified in bid.
  • Caulking most cracks and gaps (vents and soffits) to give a cleaner appearance to finish. Includes caulking trim above windows and where vinyl meets trim to prevent water penetration.
  • Seba Painting and Construction power washes your home prior to painting at no additional charge. In some situations, structure will be washed after the primers and caulking have been applied. This helps to prevent water incapacitation prior to finish coat.
  • Paint sheens will be satin sheen unless customer specifies otherwise in writing. Satin sheens generally out-perform flat paints and are easier to clean.
  • Bottom 10” of structure will be painted prior to finish coat to further enhance the performance of finish coat. All other siding will be primed and/or back rolled prior to finish coat if condition warrants.
  • Each house has its own characteristics. Primers, prepping techniques, and finish coats may be modified to maximize overall job performance.
  • If soffits are the same color as the body or siding and customer chooses to paint soffits the same color as the trim an additional charge of $850 shall apply.
  • Painting added features such as planters, deck planters, light fixture not attached to the house will be an extra charge.
    Additional Costs and Information
  • If customer chooses exterior deep or ultra-deep yellows and/or reds, additional charge of $250 will apply. Call for questions about colors.
  • If new fixtures are to be installed, an additional charge of $25 per door fixture and $15 per light fixture shall be added to the invoice.
  • If customer wants gutters painted, gutters are primed and sprayed with high quality exterior latex paint, but cannot be guaranteed to not crack or peel. Gutters are not painted if trim color closely matches factory gutter color.
  • We typically do not remove front door hardware. Installation of new front door lock combos not removed by Seba Painting and Construction is $35 per set.
  • Removal of patio furniture. All patio furniture must be removed from front and back patios prior to washing and painting of house. $25 charge if items are not removed.
  • Seba Painting and Construction attempts to remove all paint chips caused by sanding and scraping, but due to the nature of the small chips and landscaping, not all paint chips can be removed.
  • Seba Painting and Construction offers color consulting for an additional charge per hour. If samples of paint are applied to the structure to determine color selection, a charge of $10 per sample shall be added.
  • Bid does not include painting storm windows or doors, decks, sheds, metal railings, awnings, hot tubes or any other structure not part of original structure unless specified in the estimate.
  • Wax bleed cannot be determined until any structure is power washed. If wax bleed is present, a charge of $250 will apply to oil prime affected areas. No warranty applied where wax bleed is present.
  • If lead based paint is discovered, Seba Painting and Construction will not disturb (sand or scrape) lead based paint due to stringent Federal Environmental fines and regulations.
  • If shutters are removed and are installed with plastic non-removable button, a charge of $7 per shutter shall apply to purchase new shutter buttons. Seba Painting and Construction is not liable for damage to improperly installed shutters.